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Video Case Study: An IIoT B2B Go to Market Case Study for Asset Providers

Fill in the form below to view the case study from Paul McKeithan, Head of Digital Services at Buhler Group presenting an IIoT B2B Go to Market Case Study for Asset Providers.

The landscape for asset suppliers is changing. IIoT enabled devices, services and platforms are rapidly emerging and adoption of this technology will not be an option. Changing organizational culture, driving new business models linked to corporate strengths are prerequisites to converting this technology for profit. Paul McKeithan is presenting a case study of IIoT adoption for industrial drying equipment focusing on these topics:

  • Preparing organizations for culture shift
  • Realigning asset business models to a service platform
  • Real-time and remote monitoring for calibration, error detection and quality assurance
  • IIoT enabled sustainability case study – Industrial Dryer

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