LogoAutomotive Agile PEP Europe|December 02 – 03, 2020, Boston

On-Demand Video: Why does the industry need Machine Learning and AI to thrive?

Fill in the form below to see some tips from Dr. Athanasios Kontopoulos, Computational & Data Science Scientific Director, International Fellow at Air Liquide on why the industry needs Machine Learning and AI to thrive.

Dr. Kontopoulos presents Air Liquide’s vision for the future, to ensure leadership in the area of data and decision sciences:

  • Turning data into an asset: our ACE strategy and a panorama of examples
  • Focus on examples of value creation in our production business (predictive maintenance, detecting energy drifts, optimization through a digital twin,…)
  • Shaping the future through scientific excellence: the data & decision sciences lab
  • What technologies for now and the future (AI, optimization,…)

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